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Using Light to Boost Health, Improve Sleep, and Live Longer

front cover of The Light Doctor Using Light to Boost Health, Improve Sleep, and Live Longer
Dr. Moore-Ede brings a unique perspective from the forefront of the battle against unhealthy lights. As a professor at Harvard Medical School, he discovered the location of the circadian clock in the human brain, and how it was synchronized by light. He has seen first-hand the harmful effects of light at night in the real world as a consultant to over 50% of the Fortune 500 companies. His discovery of the narrow sky-blue signal that synchronizes circadian clocks led to his invention and patenting of evidence-based circadian lighting, and the demonstration of its effectiveness in protecting health and safety in many major companies.


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graph showing the different rates of diabetes, obesity and hypertension in elderly sleeping in light vs dark rooms
Group of exhausted night shift doctors
statistics of rates of breast cancer in urban area vs. rural area