The biggest game changer since Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring.

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book cover for The Light Doctor by Dr. Martin Moore-Ede
Modern lighting has created an epidemic of breast & prostate cancer, diabetes and heart disease because we use the wrong lights at the wrong time.
An eye-opening lucid explanation of the science and why our current LEDs and fluorescent lights must be replaced with healthy circadian lights.
Vital reading for everyone who wants to protect the health of their family.
THE LIGHT DOCTOR has been released on SubStack as a serialized book
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The Science and Solutions for Replacing Your Lights Now to Protect Your Health

Table of Contents

Introduction: Questions before switching on the lights

Part 1: Electric Havoc

1. Edison’s Cancer Epidemic

2. Goodbye Milky Way

3. Clockwork Blue

4. Human Light Interaction

5. Now is the Time to Act

Part 2: Engineering The Solution

6. Bringing the Outside Indoors

7. Tuning to the Right Wavelength

8. Creating Healthy Circadian Light

9. Lights as Medical Devices

Part 3: Lighting Your Own Life

10. How to be a Smart Consumer

11. When You Don’t Control the Space

12. Light Pollution and Protecting Biodiversity

13. It’s Time to Light Up Your Life

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THE LIGHT DOCTOR…terrified me, in the best way. Dr. Moore-Ede is doing cutting-edge work to change the way we think about light and how it affects us.

Penguin Life

I .. was so impressed with his detailed yet thoroughly comprehensible explanations and expert advice! I’ll definitely be changing some of my lightbulbs ASAP!

Simon Element

In a sea of health and wellness proposals (and adjacent categories), I don’t think I’ve ever seen one on this particular topic – and as someone who sits under fluorescent office lights all week, it made me question my life choices! I can see that the author will do a terrific job with the material, .. It falls under the “inconvenient truth” umbrella – at least for me.

Tarcher Perigee

THE LIGHT DOCTOR…was… informative; I had no idea that artificial lights posed so many health risks, beyond the disruption of sleep. And Dr. Moore-Ede is clearly the leading authority on this topic.

Little Brown, Spark

I found this .. absolutely fascinating, and I know there’s a lot of interest in this topic, in the Paleo/health community, but also with the public at large. I’m also really impressed with Dr. Moore-Ede’s credentials and expertise – he seems like the person to write this book

Harper Harvest

Dr. Martin Moore-Ede is no doubt a trusted voice in this field, and his knowledge, expertise, and passion for bringing awareness to this important topic is evident. The statistics he presents are staggering, and while this material is loaded with scientific evidence, Dr. Moore-Ede does a great job of writing for the average popular science reader—I didn’t find myself lost in scientific jargon at any point.

The Experiment

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“Should be read by everyone” Dr Francis Moore, Chief of Surgery, Harvard

“Engaging book offers a human centric approach” Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School

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Today’s sophisticated technology and integrated global economy have led to great advances but have failed to consider human limitations. The Chernobyl explosion, the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, Three Mile Island, and tens of thousands of smaller accidents, as well as billions of dollars of productivity losses, were the result of human fatigue. Dr. Moore-Ede brings together the latest scientific findings and presents an array of management tools and technologies that monitor alertness and performance impairment. He shows how to rethink work schedules, manage information flow and improve working environments.
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This book is the outgrowth of seven years of collaboration which started in the physiological laboratories at Harvard Medical School. We came from different backgrounds: one of us a physician and mammalian physiologist, another a biologist, and the third a neuroscientist. Although each of us was interested in timekeeping processes, we found that our preconceptions and diverse scientific backgrounds led to many a long debate on the mechanisms of biological clocks and the ways that mammalian behavior and physiology are scheduled within the 24-hour day.

In the course of our discussions it became clear that just as mammalian physiology can be conceptually divided into cardiovascular, respiratory, and other systems, so can a circadian timing system be defined. This system, concerned with the timing and coordination of events within an approximately 24-hour time scale, has its own set of specialized structures, mechanisms, and functions. The circadian timing system can thus be analyzed using the same intellectual rubric as the other, better-established organ systems. Knowledge about the structure and function of the circadian timing systein has been rapidly expanding over the last twenty-five years; its enormous import for physiological regulation and its implications for