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Using Light to Boost Health, Improve Sleep, and Live Longer

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Dr. Martin Moore-Ede

Martin Moore-Ede M.D., Ph.D.

For over 40 years, Dr. Moore-Ede has been a leading world expert on circadian clocks and the health problems caused by electric light at night. As a professor at Harvard Medical School (1975 – 1998), he led the team that located the suprachiasmatic nucleus, the biological clock in the human brain that controls the timing of sleep and wake. He pioneered research on how circadian clocks regulate the timing of body functions. Since 2010, he has led the Circadian Lighting Research Center team that identified the key blue signal that synchronizes circadian clocks and developed patented LED lights, which provide circadian-optimized light across day and night based on comprehensive medical research. The effectiveness of these circadian-modulated lights in improving health and well-being has been validated by installing them in the 24-hour operations of Fortune 500 companies and hospitals. He has published over 180 scientific articles and authored ten books, including the best-selling books, The Clocks that Time Us, and The Twenty-Four Hour Society. His latest book, The Light Doctor: Using Light to Boost Health, Improve Sleep, and Live Longer has been released as a serial on Substack.

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Media Articles

psychiatric patient siting on bed in a sunny room

Circadian Light Research Center Survey Confirms Harmful Health Effects of Blue-Enriched LED Light

Lighting Design & Specification: Jan. 23, 2023 Many of the lights sold today are causing major health problems, including obesity, diabetes, and breast cancer. Why? They are blue-enriched LEDs, which play havoc on people’s circadian rhythms during the evening hours.

huge office building at night lit up by florescent lighting

Researchers Call for Manufacturer Warnings Around Blue Light Exposure

CEPro: Feb. 1, 2023 Researchers across the field of circadian health science call for greater standards in the production of light fixtures.

All Blue Light is Not Created Equal

Edison Report: Dec. 30, 2022 One of the excuses the lighting industry uses to avoid addressing the harmful effects of blue-enriched LED lights at night is “circadian science is not yet mature.” Now a publication in PNAS from Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital has resolved one of the last remaining contradictions in the science

blue tinted bulbs hanging from a fixture

Researchers Identify Best (and Worst) Blues for Circadian Lighting

CEpro.com: Jan. 3, 2023 By Nick Boever: Following a series of studies started back in 2001, Harvard researchers have finally confirmed the true wavelength of blue light responsible for triggering a circadian response in lighting.

tractor trailer truck rolled over by the highway

Dr. Moore-Ede Interviewed for the Commercial Carrier Journal about Night Shift Hazards

Commercial Carrier Journal: Nov 11, 2022Our natural circadian rhythm is to work during daylight hours and sleep during the night. As Dr. Martin Moore-Ede explains in the article, “cheap blue lights” can interrupt our natural rhythms in ways that can cause stress and chronic illnesses.

dr martin moore ede speaking at a conference

Circadian ZircLight technology lives, but not necessarily the brand or company

LEDs Magazine: May 25, 2022

As more details emerge on the company’s acquisition by Korrus, one thing that’s clear is that founder Martin Moore-Ede will continue to evangelize light for wellbeing under the new owner.

Press Releases

beautiful sunrise over a foggy forest

Spring-Forward, Fall-Back Daylight Savings Adverse Effects Worsened by Blue-Enriched LED Lights

blue tinted bulbs hanging from a fixture

Circadian Light Research Center Survey Confirms Harmful Health Effects of Blue-Enriched LED Light

graph of the circadian blue light spectrum

All Blue Light Is Not Created Equal

Media Appearances

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LEDs and Circadian Light

Impact of the Twenty Four Hour Society

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Dr Martin Moore-Ede on ABC 20 20

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