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Why Everyone Should Read THE LIGHT DOCTOR

book cover for The Light Doctor by Dr. Martin Moore-Ede
We take the light switch on the wall for granted. But we are quite unaware of the devastating effects that today’s LED and fluorescent lights can have on our health and well-being.

The right light at the right time can boost our energy and our health, and improve our sleep at night. But too often, without realizing it, we expose ourselves to the wrong light at the wrong time.

THE LIGHT DOCTOR helps you become a smart and aware user of electric light. This book explains why it is urgent that you must replace your lights now with healthy circadian lights to protect your health

The Light Doctor is the biggest game changer since Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring

About The Author

Dr. Martin Moore-Ede
Martin Moore-Ede MD PhD is a leading world expert on circadian clocks and light. As a professor at Harvard Medical School, he located the human circadian clock. He founded CIRCADIAN® Light Research Center which identified the key blue wavelengths that control the clock, and patented & developed the first evidence based healthy circadian lights.